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LifeSense Group, creator of Carin, is entering the Asian market. Therefore, it has signed a technology license agreement with the Japanese partner LifeSense Group Japan. 

Valer Pop (CEO LifeSense Group) thinks Carin will have a lot of potential on the Asian market. “With this agreement Carin becomes a global rising star in the wearable health technology. The team in Japan is formed by senior executives of large companies so their network and experience will accelerate Carin’s global sales growth” says Pop.

Lifesense recently successfully finished a Kickstarter-project.

Mitsugu Yoneyama (President of LifeSense Group Japan) also believes in the success of this cooperation: ”There are a couple of million women in Japan experiencing pelvic floor issues. Carin is the first non-invasive wearable technology in the world which could help and give them a better life.”

Carin enables women to work on their health. It offers wearables that are tailored to women’s needs in different life phases: feminine care during menstruation, a healthy sex life, a new balance after pregnancy and tools to stay fit during menopause.


LifeSense Group was founded in 2015 as a spin-off of R&D institute Holst Center/imec in Eindhoven, and is located at the High Tech Campus.