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The most sustainable campus of Europe, that is what the High Tech Campus wants to be in 2025. How? By smarter cooperation with Campus Site Management, the facility suppliers, and the established companies. With the signing of a cooperation agreement between the seven largest strategic facility partners: Strukton Worksphere (technology), Beelen (waste), CSU (cleaning), Trigion (security), Dolmans (landscape), Eurest (catering industry) and KIEN Facility Management (managing agent), the first steps can now officially be taken.

But behind the scenes, the Facility Management coalition is already working on three different business cases: Customer journey, Cleaning service and Energy-neutral campus.

According to Frans Schmetz, director of Campus Site Management, this cooperation is important in order to be able to facilitate companies and startups even better. “The speed of innovation is increasing and to stay in the rat race, companies at the Campus have to do what they’re good at. They don’t have to worry about whether their networks are online or if their workplaces are clean. They’re already really pleased with that because with a net promoter score of 68% you’re at the level of Nike and Apple. We obviously want to maintain that high score and preferably improve it. By cooperating as suppliers we can unburden companies even better.”

In the coming months, the Strip will get a make-over, the tiles outside will be replaced by new stone. “By purchasing integrally and looking at improvements with the FM-coalition from several perspectives, you come to better solutions to improve efficiency and increase the service level”, says Harrie Arends of Campus Site Management. “There will come a Parking Route Information System and signage is going to be improved.”

Furthermore, Eurest is planning to show their products on the campus in the so-called Smart Facility Lab, in cooperation with the companies and startups. “It needs to become an extra experience on the campus, a wow effect. It contributes to the open culture on the campus and it creates additional mutual contact”, says Michel Oude Wansink of Eurest. Anne Wijchen, contract manager of Facility Management, mentions the example: “Purchasing a 3D-food printer of Campus tenant ByFlow contributes to a unique experience for the guests in the restaurants of the Strip.”


“By cooperating as suppliers we can unburden companies even better.”Frans Schmetz, High Tech Campus

“People have to feel welcome on the campus, that comes with a clean and safe environment.” Each supplier has an overlap with another, that’s why cooperation is only logical, also according to Marjolein Dreef of CSU: “Our cleaners go everywhere, so if they see anything suspicious, they can pass this on to security. Or let our cleaners perform simpler maintenance tasks, like changing a light bulb. You don’t have to ask a mechanic for this, he has more complex tasks to work on.”

The goal to be the most innovative and sustainable campus of Europe by 2025 is ambitious, says Arends. “We are now looking at the energy and maintenance management. In the current situation, we’re already saving a lot on energy and CO2 emissions due to the thermal storage system. But we’re looking for an even more sustainable solution. The only thing still missing is energy generation.” Sjef Wijnen of Strukton is going to have conversations about possible scenarios with several parties: “We’re striving for a 0 on the meter, it is still unclear how we’re going to do that. Smart solutions like sensors can save us a lot of energy. Perhaps we want a pay-per-use model, where energy is purchased and only consumption is charged. But we’re also looking at ways to give back energy. Perhaps that could be done with more solar panels, but something completely new might get invented here on the campus in the coming year. Then we would like to use that.”

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