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On February the 13th it was the international day of epilepsy. And so, twelve students of different Brainport-schools visited the Kempenhaeghe expertise centre for epilepsy to contemplate the ways in which technology could help diagnose and treat epilepsy in the future.

The Kempenhaeghe-institute in Heeze diagnoses and treats children and adults that have complex forms of epilepsy, severe sleep disorders and/or neurologic developmental disorders.

To develop treatments, the centre is working together wit other expertise hotspots like TU/e. That, according to Brainport, made the centre an ideal stop for the Young Brainport Class of Excellence, part of the Young Brainport Experience Programme.

During the international day for epilepsy the students were given examples of innovative projects that are currently part of the Kempenhaeghe treatments of epilepsy and sleeping disorders. The students also got a glimpse of the centres MRI. Furthermore, they got to experience what it is like to have epilepsy trough a virtual reality experience by Eindhoven start-up INTERU_PSY.

Record funding
The visits timing could not have been better. On the same day, the Epilepsy Fund published their plans in research for this year. They will invest a record amount of 4,5 million Euro in epilepsy research.