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€370 million in investments can now be filled in

As of today, the Brainport National Agenda for Action is a national policy. The Cabinet, which had already shown itself to be positive, today officially embraced the initiative that came into being in Eindhoven last year. This was done by co-publishing the Brainport National Action Agenda together with Brainport Eindhoven and the province of North Brabant. This Agenda for Action supports the knowledge-intensive manufacturing industry, by investing more deeply in new technologies and by improving the region’s business climate. By doing so, the government wants to take a step towards attracting, retaining and training talent from the Netherlands and abroad. The Action Agenda and letter to the House of Representatives were published today.

Read all the details about the Brainport National Agenda for Action here

State Secretary Mona Keijzer, Economic Affairs & Climate (EZK): “Thanks to companies such as ASML, Philips, VDL, DAF and NXP and thousands of innovative SME entrepreneurs in the immediate vicinity, Brainport Eindhoven is important for the innovative power of the whole of the Netherlands. That is why, in the Brainport National Agenda for Action, the government and the region are endeavoring to attract more technical talent and make the region even more attractive to companies and their employees. As a result, the whole of the Netherlands benefits from this economically strong region.”

“As a result, the whole of the Netherlands benefits from this economically strong region.”

Investment fund

By publishing this Agenda for Action, State Secretary Keijzer has also announced that she will increase access to risk capital for the manufacturing industry in and around the Brainport area. To this end, the Ministry of Economic Affairs invests €5.7 million through a Seed Capital Scheme in the Eindhoven Venture Capital Fund II. This fund then invests in young high-growth companies in the manufacturing industry. The ministry is doing this together with fourteen private investors who are contributing approximately €12 million.

Mayor John Jorritsma, Eindhoven: “With the Brainport National Agenda for Action, the national government and Brainport Eindhoven are entering into a unique long-term partnership. I am very pleased about that because we are taking an important step for the Dutch economy. Everyone now sees the importance of our technology region for the Dutch economy, which also offers opportunities for solutions to global social issues. Together we can achieve a great deal and maintain the international lead.”

Commissioner Bert Pauli, province of North Brabant: “Brainport has been a world player in technological innovation for decades and is, therefore, the growth champion of the Netherlands. In order to maintain this position in the future, the national and regional governments are now jointly investing structurally in Brainport. We want to further accelerate the development of 3D printing, photonics, and robotics by working together with other European regions with strong manufacturing industries.”


The Brainport National Action Agenda has identified ten priorities, which focus on the following:

Talent: Attracting and retaining national and international technological talent; working on lifelong training and developing learning environments that make education more compatible with the business world.

Investing in new technologies and stimulating social innovation: Investing in photonics; starting the so-called ‘Eindhoven Engine‘, where knowledge institutions and the business community work together to bring new technologies to market more quickly; supporting innovative technologies in the areas of health and vitality, energy and smart and sustainable mobility.

Further improvement of Brainport Eindhoven as a place of business: further development of the station area of Eindhoven into a new city centre with a metropolitan feel and keeping top locations accessible with new transport concepts.

‘Regional Deal’

With its knowledge-intensive manufacturing industry, Brainport Eindhoven is the driving force behind innovation in the Dutch high-tech sector. The region spends 1.7 billion euros a year on R&D, the highest private expenditure in the Netherlands. In addition, with 4.9% in 2017, the region is the country’s largest economic grower and, with 46% of Dutch patents, Brainport Eindhoven has the highest density in the country.

The Regional Deal Brainport Eindhoven is also an important part of the agenda. Through this Regional Deal, the national and regional authorities are investing a total of €370 million in implementing the agenda. Of this, up to €130 million comes from the national Government.