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BioBTX, a pioneering developer of renewable aromatics technology in the Netherlands, has secured over €80 million to launch its first commercial-scale plant. This investment will fund a renewable chemicals plant. The plant will produce sustainable aromatics (BTX) from plastic waste and biomass.

Why this is important:

Waste doesn’t exist. We can make new products and chemicals out of it, like aromatics.

By converting plastic waste and biomass into renewable aromatics, BioBTX is spearheading the creation of a circular chemical industry, significantly reducing carbon emissions and reliance on fossil fuels. Aromatics, essential for producing everyday products like insulating foams, coatings, PET bottles, batteries, and pharmaceuticals will now have a sustainable alternative to fossil-based sources, presenting a major opportunity for circular business models.

The Groningen-based company aims to scale up its technology at the PETRA Circular Chemicals Plant in Delfzijl. The plant will convert 20,000 tons of mixed plastic waste annually into renewable aromatics, replacing fossil resources and recycling low-value plastic waste into high-value chemicals. Once production is proven, the company intends to roll out the technology to chemical industry customers worldwide.

The €80 million investment round includes, amongst others, € 42 million in equity from new shareholders like Invest-NL,
Infinity Recycling, NOM, and others.