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On e52 we highlight the best alternative spots for nightlife in Eindhoven for the city of tomorrow. Outside the usual paths and away from the usual bars in the city center. We also shine a light on alternative cultural concepts different than the usual. And for this article we have…..

Dancing in the Einderground and the casual counterpart of the festivals where it counts to see and be seen.. In other words, Biki90: Cosiness, party & bullshit.

Ten years ago two students, each with different studies, lived in ‘Huizeneger’ above bar the Repelsteel on the Stratumseind. After one evening of hanging out with their friends and a lot of beers, they saw a poster on the wall highlighting a Bikini discount for just 7,90. A clock was covering part of it, so only Biki90 was visible. The name and crew were born

logo grootFirst, they spread Biki90 via T-shirts and graffiti tags. Without something attached to it, without any plans, but to announce that they were present in Eindhoven. And yes, the Biki90 name unexpectedly got known in the local scene and soon enough the first small parties started to emerge on Strijp-S in Area 51.

We really missed a good post-it-party in Eindhoven. – Biki90

Biki90 does not program DJ driven nights where you buy a ticket for an expensive headliner. Instead, it’s about the atmosphere and the people who are present. “We work with locals most of the time, are edgy and have a distinctive style. We love when the party comes off with harder styles, loud basses, but also hiphop, trap and october fests.”

The parties, which nowadays attract a crowd of 500 to 1200 people, by preference take place in special locations, where nobody has done something before. “We always try to find thé unique place. For example, we managed to do something in the Heuvel Galerie (a shopping mall) last year.”

"Vroeger", Biki90 in Area 51
“The Past”, Biki90 in Area 51

But because of incomprehensible local governmental policy, like closing times, it is generally not so easy to accomplish parties in these special locations in Eindhoven. For example, in late August a party supported by Biki90 ‘A Rough Guide To Eindhoven‘ at the VDMA-complex had to be substantially modified, because the local government enforcement did not give permission at the last minute.

“It is a pity that (except the regular bars in the city center of Eindhoven) today there are no sites where you can just play and in this respect work on Eindhovens cultural future nightlife. It would be ideal if in such cases the governmental licensing process of the city of Eindhoven would not be so strict, but more supportive and progressive: ahead of other cities. ”

More space and recognition is needed in Eindhoven. Back in the days Jan Glas (founder Area 51) gave us the chance to pull off our first party on the unexplored Strijp-S. – Biki90

feest ehv 3Since three years Biki90 has managed to lift things to another level. Together with a team of young people, emanating from different craft, arts and design disciplines, decors and stages are being build and hosted on big Dutch festivals like Solar, XO and Defqon. This year they even became partners with the famous Paperclip Festival. And last month Biki90 opened a new office on the Grote Berg 62e.

From within this new professional headquarters Biki90 again wants to step up to another level. Like further developing and expanding their concepts, running projects during Dutch Design Week, carrying out crazy initiatives like Wamp du Ville and with Biki invites more collectives from outside the city will be invited. Another important pilar is brand-activations such as branding and supporting the local youth culture.

According to Biki there is a lot of talent around in Eindhoven, so they try to provide a stage for new collectives. “That is awesome in Eindhoven. You can just start something and build from scratch. It does not have to be serious at first and you can always (apart from the local government) ask for help from collectives with experience.”

In Eindhoven there is room for more crazy creative collectives. It’s a matter of doing and believing in your plans when things go bad. Believe in yourself and you can come a long way in this city. – Biki90

Biki90On October 17th during the Dutch Design week Biki90 will organize the official opening party. With a big bang the Old Court House and House of Correction will be transformed to the ultimate party place, where in five areas it will undoubtedly be a madhouse.

“And if someone knows a location where we can host a big banging New Years Eve party, then please let us know!”

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Photos: Biki90 Archives