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Eindhoven wants to become a smart society. But how does that work? What’s going on in a society like that? Are there any good examples to learn from? DataStudio Eindhoven explores the transition a city has to go through to actually become such a smart society. Each week, we present a new contribution on E52. This week: Eight winners in the iCity Tender. Read all the articles here.

Not one winner, but no less than six. Plus two encouragement prizes. The results of the Tender iCity were so good that the jury decided to dig deeper into their pockets. Six times €20,000 plus a double €10,000 will have to be put aside for the realization of the winning ideas.

The jury, chaired by Alderman Staff Depla, evaluated a total of twelve pitches by enthusiastic entrepreneurs who described innovative smart city solutions. The iCity Tender is one of the projects implemented under the European Triangulum Agreements to adopt more Smart City solutions in Eindhoven.

The six winners of each €20,000 must use the money to further develop a suitable and effective application for their idea. What we can expect to be visible in the next couple of months:

Abby Solutions believes that solar energy should be integrated in daily life. Therefore Abby was developed as a sustainable source of energy that makes electric bicycles ‘smarter’.

Werkplaats Veeger is developing an interactive billboard that enables users and residents to respond 24/7 to their environment. This not only increases involvement, but the area can also respond to specific needs.

BitSensor: In a world where all devices are connected and innovation moves fast, security is always lagging behind. BitSensor fills the gap between IoT and security with the help of its new security solution.

Octo optimizes occupancy of workplaces in the offices at Strijp-S by monitoring real-time data and use. Octo ensures that nobody has to keep searching for the ideal workplace.

• On Strijp-S ViNotion experiments with smart cameras that can interpret images and provide information about special activities. In this way, smart routes can be chosen that automatically respond in case of an emergency.

Omines develops a platform on which data from smart cities can be collected, processed, and analyzed. In this manner, various data sources can be combined for the purposes of the ingabitants and the users.

Two groups each received $ 10,000 to bring the feasibility of their project a step further:

5D Solution ensures that the city remains green during development. This can work by means of a self-regulating and easily movable “green landscape” which not only gives a boost to the view of development zones, but which also cleans the air.

• Cats Innovations is the state-of-the-art infrastructure at Strijp-S available for people with visual impairments. In this way, everybody will easily navigate Strijp-S.

The purpose of the iCity Tender is to challenge enthusiastic entrepreneurs to develop innovative smart city solutions. The 20 best received €5000,- last October, with which they could develop a Proof of Concept or a Prototype.