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During the Tech Xperience Week, ten technical talents from all over the world got the chance to discuss the latest developments and projects with various companies from the high-tech region of Brainport Eindhoven. One of the lucky ten who got selected is Tim Schürmann, a mechanical engineering student at the Munich University of Applied Sciences. Before leaving, we already spoke to him about the project, but how did he experience this week and did he meet his expectations? Does he see himself working in this area?

Tim, first of all; any news on your bachelor’s thesis you mentioned earlier?

“Interestingly, yes. My professor was very kind and offered me some feedback, so I can polish it up when I come back home.”

The Tech Xperience Week is nearly finished, did you enjoy your time in Eindhoven?

“Oh hell yeah. I was super excited to visit all the different companies. The trust and information they all shared with us was exceptional. I never expected to be greeted by companies in such an open and transparent way, my mind was blown.”

In the first interview you mentioned some of your expectations like internationality, interdisciplinarity and networking. Did you meet those?

“We probably met all of them. We’ve even surpassed them, I think. Beyond that, and that is the thing that is really surprising, is that we made a lot of friendships and we really got to know each other. I didn’t expect the personal aspect to be that strong within the three days we’re working together right now.”

Could you tell us more about what you’ve done and where you’ve been? Which one of those experiences were the most memorable?

“We have been to several companies like Fujifilm, Vanderlande, VDL and Philips. Everyone was giving their best. Probably because of my background as a mechatronic engineer, Vanderlande and VDL were very interesting. Today we visited Additive Industries and since I’m focusing on additive manufacturing, this was very interesting and inspiring as well.”

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What thoughts, visions, knowledge or experiences will you take back home to Munich?

“This is a really hard question because I am processing all the information right now. There are so many impressions on me, but most memorable is probably the way that the Dutch companies are working together. It’s based on a way more shared and trust-based approach than many German companies.”

You said you liked the Dutch mentality, do you see yourself working in this area?

“As I was coming here, I really wasn’t sure because I’ve really defined my roadmap already. Interestingly, some companies already started to shift these goals a bit, so let’s see. I’m quite positive about this area, the companies and the mindset. It really depends on the offer I get. There are no roadblocks which would keep me from working in The Netherlands right now. “

Munich or Eindhoven?

“That’s a difficult one. I was born in Berlin and the move from Berlin to Munich was already quite difficult. When compared to Munich, Berlin is huge. I would never have guessed that I would feel so comfortable in Munich. The experiences I made in Eindhoven showed me that an even smaller city can offer really high value in the field of living, working and social life. I would definitely consider Eindhoven as a potential residence.”

Is there anything you’d like to say to the organizers of this Tech Xperience Week?

Just one thing; keep going, moving and innovating. I think it’s a great project they have going right now, and it’s one of the best and most innovative projects I have witnessed in a long time.