Learning from quieter climes

In addition to being wonderful to walk in or look at, snow also has a sound-absorbing effect. Let's use nature more often as a source of inspiration for our technological innovation.

Losing digital weight

Good intentions are hard to keep up, notes columnist Mary Fiers. This year she wants to lose digital weight by spending less time on Facebook and Twitter and expanding her real social network.

The earthworm as a symbol of innovative strength

Less cuddly than a panda, but just as important: the earthworm. For the Dutch province of Brabant it is so valuable that it should be chosen as its symbol, according to IO columnist Mary Fiers.

A moment of reflection on Paradijslaan

For many years Eindhoven was a twin city of Minsk, the capital of Belarus. Former councilwoman and columnist Mary Fiers reflects on a dark page in the history of the country.