‘How many start-ups did you help?’

Better cooperation between knowledge institutions and SMEs can take high-tech innovations further, argues Hamed Sadeghian. In addition, we need to look at better conditions for open innovation.

‘The best scientists also have start-ups’

Companies are constantly testing new products in the marketplace; scientists should do the same with research, Eveline Crone believes. Because innovations are only successful if we actually use them.

‘A university is not a patent machine’

The original purpose of patents was to share new ideas and encourage invention. Today, it often obstructs innovation. This needs to change, argues Ernst van den Ende.

This is how the Netherlands gets the Boston vibe

At Kendall Square in Boston, the hotspot for start-ups, it is completely natural to try new things, fail, learn and try again. That is the vibe that the Netherlands also needs, says Miao-Ping Chien.

The enterprising student easily beats professor

To get innovations off the ground, research and new businesses are needed. Students are by far the best entrepreneurs, mainly because of their resilience, Professor Peter Rem contends.

‘Quit your job for one day a week’

A conversation with Maarten Steinbuch, Professor of Systems and Control at the Eindhoven University of Technology four days a week, and an entrepreneur one day a week.