Start-Up of the day: Tenzir keeps your company safe

Cybercrime is an expanding business. Time and again, criminal hackers succeed in even penetrating well-protected corporate networks and extracting confidential data. Traditional security solutions often […]

Making Virtual Reality more User-friendly

Whether virtual reality or VR work for the user must be tested. This often requires complex laboratory tests. But recently, the Göttingen computer scientist Dr. […]

mtu unveils new engine technologies

In the wake of climate change, even aircraft engines seems to need a change. The engine manufacturer mtu used this year’s Aero Salon in Paris […]

DLR tests ATM system for drones

Up to now, the activity in the airspace above our cities is fairly limited. Air traffic to and from the airports is routed around cities […]

ESA greenlights Sabre engine

The core of the Sabre engine is a revolutionary heat exchanger. It shields the engine at high supersonic speeds.

“Sirius-19” simulates moon mission

“Sirius-19” is one of the long-term studies with which space agencies around the globe are preparing for longer manned missions to celestial bodies such as […]

Air Taxi Concept for Hamburg

Commuting by small plane? Or get on an air taxi in Blankenese to quickly get to Fuhlsbüttel Airport? That could be the future of air […]

Tailor-made robots for everyone

BREMEN, December 15, 2018 – Robots have long been an important part of industrial production. They are also fulfilling more and more functions in logistics, […]

How German professors see Industry 4.0

HAMBURG, 9 December 2018 – Industry 4.0, or the fourth industrial revolution, is already changing not only industrial production, but also the world of work. Digitilisation, […]

It takes time to make aircraft quieter

HAMBURG, 25 November 2018 – Aircraft noise is a frequent nuisance, especially for residents in the neighbourhoods of large airports. Although the problem is far […]