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ASML’s Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer Wolfgang Nickl (48) has accepted the position of CFO at German-based life science company Bayer. He will fulfill his current contract with ASML which runs to 25 April 2018.

Wolfgang Nickl, a native from Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany, joined ASML in December 2013 from the U.S., where he built his career in financial and operational leadership roles at digital storage device manufacturer Western Digital Corporation before his promotion as its CFO in 2010. CEO PeterWennink:

“We highly appreciate Wolfgang’s contribution to ASML’s growth and development over recent years, and we looked forward to many more years of working together. Yet, we also appreciate that Bayer offers Wolfgang a significant opportunity and we wish him and Bayer all the best. Together with Wolfgang we will arrange for a smooth transition of his responsibilities over the coming months and secure uninterrupted execution of our strategy to reach our stated targets for our stakeholders.”