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Since December 1, 2020, it has been mandatory to wear a face mask in public places in the Netherlands. This has already been compulsory in public transport for some time. It can be quite difficult for employees to keep an eye on whether everyone abides by this rule. Which is why ML6 developed an AI application that can tell when people are not wearing a face mask.

The application

Companies can use the AI application to do a better job of checking whether employees and visitors are complying with the face mask requirement. An audible alert sounds when someone is not wearing a face mask, or is not wearing the face mask properly.

Face Recognition Model

A computer and a camera are required to use the application. The app connects to the camera and displays this image on a computer while the app monitors people inside a building using a facial recognition model. In addition to the recognition model, the app also uses a model that allows the app to see if someone’s mouth is visible, which invariably shows if someone is wearing a face mask.

The company says it is a time-consuming task for staff to check if everyone is actually wearing a proper form of face covering. The app can automatically check if the rule is being followed.


ML6 has released the code and instructions for use free of charge, and the program can be used in all places where masks are mandatory. The company contends that it is contributing to the fight against the coronavirus with this application.

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