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At the opening day of Automotive Week 2017, Amber Mobility showed the BMW that was designed for its first business mobility program.

Amber Mobility is starting a car sharing community at the High Tech Campus, and everyone can join. The High Tech Campus will be Amber’s first mobility hub!

Many companies are starting to realize that they have to change their mobility policies if they want to reduce parking problems, CO2 emissions and save money. With the solution offered by Amber Mobility, companies can outsource their employee mobility, in return for a service that is sustainable, convenient, and saves time and money.

With this service, employees gain access to a fleet of electric cars stationed at a specific location. Through the Amber app, employees can use a car whenever and wherever they need it for internal business travel. Using an intelligent software algorithm, Amber can even help optimizing on employees’ commuting trips to and from work. Each new company that joins the Amber Mobility service is added to an existing “mobility hub”, making all users’ access to mobility even more reliable, efficient, and affordable.

The High Tech Campus is the ideal mobility hub in many aspects. Because over 140 companies with 10,000 employees are located within one square kilometer, the possibilities for mobility optimization in a community are vast. On the other hand, the high-density workforce on the campus is the main cause of its parking problem. The community-based mobility program will eventually reduce parking space on a large scale. But already from the start of the pilot, there is an immediate benefit in terms of cost reduction and parking, as the use of personal cars decreases while the use of public transport for commuting is encouraged.

The mobility hub will consist of a shared electric car fleet, offered to multiple companies based at the High Tech Campus. Several parking spots will be reserved for the shared cars, and participants can simply go there to use cars or leave them to charge. As a part of the community pilot, all members can use every car they want, regardless of the company they work for. Although the fleet is still station-based, it will be shared among multiple companies. As the user group increases, the flexibility and car availability will improve.