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New survey data from USA-based business technology authority has revealed that 47 percent of company decision-makers are considering using AI tools to carry out tasks instead of hiring new employees, says in a press release

  • 47 percent of business leaders consider using AI to carry out tasks over hiring new employees
  • Business leaders think that, on average, more than a quarter of their current workload can be completed by AI
  • 52 percent said that ChatGPT and similar AI tools would never replace an entire role in their business surveyed a global cohort of business leaders across a variety of sectors to discover how AI tools are affecting their firm and personal workload. The survey revealed that business leaders believe that, on average, more than a quarter (26.8 percent) of their current personal workload could be completed by ChatGPT or similar tools.

100 million users

Since ChatGPT’s launch in November 2022, the AI tool has gained more than 100 million active users every month. Its ability to help employees across the globe to efficiently carry out day-to-day tasks poses a potential threat to human credentials. As AI tools have the ability to significantly increase employee productivity, projects carried out by humans could become increasingly vulnerable to automation.

Some project management software providers are already working on plans to use artificial intelligence to streamline task management. For example, it’s now possible to join a waitlist to use ClickUp’s new AI tool, which could help users with tasks like writing proposals and drafting emails. 


But despite its growing popularity,’s survey findings show some skepticism over whether ChatGPT could replace entire roles, as 52 percent of business leaders said that ChatGPT and similar AI tools would never replace an entire role in their business.

Future is unpredictable’s Lead Writer Aaron Drapkin comments: “AI tools are rapidly changing the way employees deliver tasks across a broad range of industries. Everything from coding to legal advice can now be carried out by AI – and ChatGPT has only been available to the public for around six months. Although respondents to our survey seemed divided on whether ChatGPT or similar AI tools could soon replace an entire role, with new use cases arising almost every day, the future of business and its relationship with AI is becoming increasingly unpredictable. It could majorly impact hiring going forward – and for some businesses, it already is.”