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Amsterdam-based startup Aevai Health secures funding from student venture capital fund Round One Ventures to improve biobank operations. Biobanks collect biological samples and health information from participants for use in research. Aevai Health chatbot Alva enhances the efficiency of biobanks in collecting participants’ data remotely and onsite.

Alva addresses challenges biobanks face, such as low survey completion rates, data collection gaps, and operational inefficiencies. By transforming medical surveys into interactive chatbot conversations, Alva improves data collection and enhances participant engagement, reducing the reliance on extensive staffing. Its continuous, personalized support and hybrid functionality, which combines user assistance with data collection using artificial intelligence, ensure that participants receive empathetic, context-driven interactions.

Steps forward

The biobank industry has seen a steady increase in the number of participants and biobanks, indicating a growing market and demand for reliable data collection methods. Aevai Health aims to set a new standard in this sector, offering a personalized, scalable solution that significantly enhances participant experience and operational efficiency.

Round One recognized the potential of Aevai Health‘s approach by investing in the startup to launch its product into biobanks. The funding underscores strong confidence in Aevai Health’s vision and future. “From the start, we’ve seen the tremendous potential and drive the team has to revolutionize their industry,” said Cas Verstappen, Managing Director of Round One. “We look forward to working intensively with the team over the coming months.”

With the new capital, Aevai Health plans to expand its reach to biobanks throughout the Netherlands and explore other market opportunities. The investment will be essential in evolving Alva’s capabilities and ensuring it meets the complex demands of biobanks. Fennie van der Graaf, CEO of Aevai Health, expressed excitement about the future, “This initial investment is a crucial step for us. It not only supports the success of our current pilot but also propels us towards acquiring our next major customer.”