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CEO Daan Kersten wants turnover to have grown 10-20x by 2022
With a growth in turnover of 10 to 20 times compared with the current situation, Additive Industries expects to have risen to a top-3 position in Metal Additive Manufacturing by 2022. The current top players in size (GE Additive, EOS, 3D Systems) will likely not be the same in five years from now, since the large subtractive/conventional machine-builders like DMG-Mori and Trumpf are joining the game.

Additive Industries is based in Eindhoven, but has announced to be expanding in California.

Based on the progress the company has made as well as the performance of their MetalFAB1 industrial 3D metal printing systems, Additive Industries has decided to accelerate its growth. This means “a substantial increase” in annual system sales and members of the Additive Industries team, CEO Daan Kersten says. “The current top-3 players are turning over around 100-200 million per year, and the market is expected to annually grow by 15-20%.” As far as team members are concerned, “we will grow the team sustainably in order to be able to fulfill our market ambition”.

Recently, at FormNext, the world’s largest tradeshow for professional 3D printing technology in Frankfurt, Additive Industries has announced its new Product Removal Module. “This module allows users of the MetalFAB1 systems to remove the product(s) off the build plate, release any trapped powder and resurface the build plate by 3-axis milling for re-use in the system. This prevents the need for time-consuming logistics and external post-processing.”

Additive Industries also presented its Dynamic Laser Allocation software to control 4 full field lasers working on a single part or multiple products. The software contains a smart algorithm that optimizes the laser allocation for a customer set balance between quality and productivity. One specific feature is the ability to dynamically prevent lasers to melt in the smoke of another laser, which will ensure part quality.

Besides the product launches, Additive Industries also presented two new partnerships. With SMS-Group, a concept for fully integrated AM production plants is announced. With long-term partner LPW, Additive Industries presented the integration of their industrial powder supply and powder management solutions into their Additive World Platform.