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Cleaning is often not the most favorite activity. Yet we prefer to have a clean and tidy home. AI-powered cleaning devices make life a lot easier. Let’s take a look at a few handy tools.

Why this is important:

Nearly one in three Dutch consumers (29%) use generative AI tools in their daily lives. More are being added all the time. We highlight some useful options.

Doing laundry smartly

A washing machine uses a relatively large amount of electricity. The greener the label, the less energy consumed per wash. The least efficient washing machine in the F category consumes on average about 194 kWh per year, while the most economical A+++ consumes 105 kWh.

Nowadays, manufacturers are increasingly integrating AI into washing machines, allowing us to monitor power consumption and automatically take action when needed. For example, a new washing machine from Samsung can estimate the monthly energy bill. If it exceeds the set target, the energy-saving mode is automatically activated.

Spotless floor

Then: an AI-controlled cleaning robot that leaves your floor spotless. How ideal is that? The Dutch startup Aziobot developed a self-driving and winking cleaning robot. There are copies driving around in the Netherlands, but also in England, Poland and Norway, for example. This advanced cleaning robot is designed to clean even the hard-to-reach places. Thanks to its compact size, this robot can get anywhere, even under and between objects.

An AI iron

Enjoying Netflix while you handle your ironing? It’s possible with AI irons, for example from Philips. Thanks to AI technology and a built-in camera, the steam generator recognizes the fabric you are going to iron and automatically adjusts the temperature and steam settings. So you get perfectly ironed garments.

Smart cleaning appliances contribute not only to energy savings and a spotless home, but also to clean office buildings and other public buildings. In addition to innovative washing machines, floor scrubbers and irons, everyday items such as soap pumps and toilets are also becoming smarter, resulting in a more hygienic environment. Soon we’ll start enjoying cleaning!