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Only six months after joining Startup Bootcamp High Tech XL, Carin is ready for the market. Startup Lifesense is presenting its first product, a permanent solution to involuntary loss of urine, today: Carin.

Among women, involuntary loss of urine is a common and sensitive problem. Often referred to as stress incontinence, it can occur when pressure on the bladder is increased. This can happen when running, coughing, sneezing, jumping, lifting or even laughing.

LifeSense training and underwear 2For women who have recently given birth, 50-70% experience involuntary loss of urine. Moreover, 20% still suffer from it one year after childbirth. And due to the inconvenience and embarrassment, many women give up physical exercise. However, with the right product, involuntary loss of urine can be treated successfully and permanently, allowing more women to continue to participate in sport and competitions.

What is Carin?

Carin is a groundbreaking product consisting of super absorbent (running) underwear with a portable sensor and a personal training program. The portable sensor measures (amongst others) the severity of urine loss related to an activity. Based on these results, a personal pelvic muscle training program is developed. During the program, progress can be monitored via a special app while the comfortable and washable underwear offers the necessary leakage protection. Within three to six months, women are able to resume their usual daily activities without having to worry about involuntary loss of urine.

Break the stigma

LifeSense systemWith Carin, Lifesense Group hopes to break the stigma associated with stress incontinence.

Managing Director and initiator, Valer Pop stated, “Carin’s strength lies in the years of experience of our team of specialists. Carin is truly unique in that it allows women to continuously measure their progress and adjust their training program. With this product, I really hope to make a difference in our society!”