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As winter sports enthusiasts gear up for their snowy adventure, a suitecase of cutting-edge innovations promises to redefine their experience on the slopes. From skis made of algae to whisper-quiet snow scooters: we’ve lined up some promising advancements.

  • State-of-the-art technologies guarantee novel winter experiences;
  • Smart gadgets, next-gen materials and e-scooters are part of the mix.

See the slopes in a new light

A game-changer for skiers is undoubtedly the smart ski goggles. They can not only provide a clear view of the slopes but also deliver vital statistics like speed and direction, all without taking your eyes off the path. For instance, with the goggles from Swiss start-up Ostloong Innovations, you can control movements, communicate with your companions and know exactly where you are on the slope, ensuring safety. The incorporation of Bluetooth connectivity allows users to access mobile data without the need to remove gloves. And there’s room for some fun: the goggles enable the effortless capture of skiing experiences through HD photos and videos. 

Algae skis

Skis made from algae? It might sound like science fiction, but WNDR Alpine is making it a reality. The algal material that the company is using, crafted from a mix of high-density polyurethane and aspen, serves as a smart alternative to traditional petroleum-based skis. This is not only good news for the environment; It also offers a lighter and therefore high-performing option for skiing enthusiasts.

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Whether it’s summer or winter, who doesn’t enjoy embarking on journeys? Our article ‘Revolution on Wheels…’ on camper innovations stood out as the most read piece this year. Yet, ski season is coming, what about innovations for our cold-weather adventures? We couldn’t resist crafting a winter edition.

Whisper-quiet winter rides

Feeling weary of being on skis? Relax. Imagine gliding over the snow, but with barely a sound. MoonBikes from France make battery-powered snow bikes. Combining the agility of a fat-tire mountain bike with the power of a snowmobile, these vehicles are an adventurous, but eco-friendly way to explore the winter wilderness. Their arrival is appreciated since conventional snowmobiles, fueled by fossil fuels, cause significant damage to land cover, disrupting vegetation growth throughout the year. They are able to ascend well-groomed slopes with a steepness of 40 percent and achieve top speeds of up to 42 kilometers per hour.

Photo: MoonBikes

Sweat-free with this jacket

Staying warm and dry during winter sports should be a priority. A person can sweat up to one liter per hour on their upper body while skiing. As sweat is the body’s natural cooling mechanism, it can lead to discomfort in cold winter conditions. But a cutting-edge jacket, developed by Swiss-Norwegian company OSMOTEX, aids athletes in managing sweat by actively moving moisture away from the body to the exterior. This is made possible by electrifying ultra-thin layers of gold within the fabric. The jacket is set to hit the consumer market later this year.

More fun

Safety and maintaining warmth have always been primary concerns for skiing, snowboarding, and other winter activities. Fortunately, these challenges are gradually diminishing with the advancements in technology. So better prepare for an abundance of snowy escapades in the years to come!