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HighTechXL’s Impact Summit has not only resulted in more candidates, but also in many more participants than ever before. Next to the regular program, this year there is also space for three ‘launchpads’, in collaboration with ABN Amro, EY and Philips.

For HighTechXL’s main accelerator program 15 teams have been admitted: Dario Health, Aerobit Health, Asymmetric Medical, Bluereo, 4Quant, HAKKEN, Project Ipsilon, ONESOFTDIGM, OPT NET, Heartin, Liquidweb, OrelTech, OPPI, Nordic AI, and TicTag.

(at the bottom of this article, a video can be watched with all the participants for all 4 HighTechXL programs)

What are the new participants in HighTechXL all about?

Dario Health (Israel):

Dario Health is specialising in digital, user-centric solutions for people that are under chronic conditions leveraging on its data capabilities to create extreme personalised experience.

Aerobit Health (United Kingdom):

Aerobit is an asthma management platform integrating smart hardware, software and big data analytics. We’re driven to reduce the unnecessary misery and skyrocketing costs this chronic disease taxes our society with.

Asymmetric Medical (Israel):

Asymmetric Medical is a pioneering medical device company formed by a spirited and experienced team of physicists and engineers with over 50 years of combined hands on experience in bringing revolutionary ideas from the lab to the market place. The two founders, Ori Weisberg and Moshe Eshkol, hold over 25 patents for various medical devices. Asymmetric’s goal is to bring the benefits of laser energy to clinicians, creating intuitive and simple to use medical tools, tools that fit the precise needs of the procedure, and thus, lead to simpler and more effective treatments. Our technology has a broad range of potential applications in the medical world, both in high margin cutting edge procedures and large volume/low margin procedures.

Bluereo (South Korea):

Bluereo Inc. is an assistive device manufacturing company with a strong vision ‘to see everything in a new light to illuminate the future’. We always consider ourselves to provide proper solutions to our customers and enhance the quality of life with our efforts. We hope our small efforts could change the world for a better place.

4Quant (Switzerland): 

4Quant Ltd. is a medical artificial intelligence company which has recently spun-off from ETH Zurich and PSI. We aim to offer disease-based decision support and computer aided diagnosis solutions to radiologists and oncologists in hospitals and diagnostic centers worldwide, leading to a more evidence-based, streamlined, precise standard of medical care. We operate as a team with physicians from Universitätsspital Basel.

HAKKEN (Mexico):

Hakken Enterprise is a Mexican startup created since September 2013. It is a biotechnology company based in Morelos, México, who’s core technologies revolve around providing better, faster, and affordable genetic tools for cancer prevention and treatment.

Project Ipsilon (Netherlands):

We offer quantitative cognitive testing app for smartphone compatible with mobile VR (virtual reality) headset.  We attach additional EEG sensors to the VR headset and display the visual stimuli (spatial-motor instruction) to the mobile screen in the VR.  The haptic device is bluetooth connected and run with MIDI (time stamped) and we analyze brainwave and haptic responses with computer vision.  We are also working on therapeutic app using the same sensor attachment for help regulate sleep cycles, reduce anxiety and induce visual attention, especially for non-motor symptoms of Parkinson’s disease (the hypothesis behind our therapeutic app is based on dopamine/ noreadrenaline manipulation).

ONESOFTDIGM (South Korea):

Our company develops the solutions for people’s happiness. First, we make health care management solution & device for human health. ONE SMARTDIET and One Care are our key solutions.

OPT NET (Netherlands):

Opt/Net B.V. has a global reputation for development of the advanced and profitable technical and commercial architectures for the leading communications service providers and analysing big data related to systems operations. We offer an intelligent computing apparatus that solves otherwise unsolvable network security and operations riddles, untangling the most complex network issues on the planet, for companies where failure isn’t an option. Opt/Net works with telecoms firms, managed service providers, and cyber security outfits, specialising in major service disruptions, high risk production network issues and mission critical systems and applications.

Heartin (USA): 

We are a fast growing company, which in a short time with little investment has developed and started selling the unique diagnostic and consultative cardio service with a use of the self-developed line of devices (1 lead and 12 lead portable ECGs, Garment with built-in textile electrodes), applications (Cardio and Fitness) and Cloud Service. It could be useful both to healthy people (especially our Fitness line) and patients with cardiovascular disease.

Liquidweb (Italy): 

BrainControl is a framework based on Artificial Intelligence for human-machine interaction through biofeedbacks. Its first application was addressed as BCI-based augmentative and alternative communication (AAC), a sort“mental joystick”, allowing to overcome severe physical and communicative disabilities.

OrelTech (Israel):

OrelTech LTD is a materials start-up company located in Ness Ziona, Israel. It exists for 2.5 years.  Our company produces conductive inks and work with metallization processes.

OPPI (Mexico):

OPPI is dedicated to the modification of processes for the optimization of the materials used in them as well as the reduction of pollutants, our innovations not only benefit the society but also help reduce costs and production in companies.

Nordic AI (Norway):

Nordic Automation Systems creates water, heat, electricity and gas online metering solutions using LoRaWAN technology enable to reduce costs in meter data collection, discover leakages and help to optimise consumption to save scarce earth resources. Our full vertical offering including sensors, gateways and cloud platform enabling fast roll out.

TicTag (Netherlands):
TicTag has developed a new connectivity technology (like QR and NFC) that connects the online with the offline world. Our smart stamp contains a digital fingerprint (multitouch pattern) that can be recognized by the screen of smartphone. Our first stamp is implemented as SaaS in several applications in The Netherlands and Dubai. We now are performing new R&D to create a <1mm thick smart tag (produced with the newest photonic roll-to-roll nano-silverprinters) that can be connected to every product, service or object to give it an online layer. IP is already registered. Our new product would make it possible to use your smartphone to get digitally connected with the physical world around you, just by tapping our connected smart tag.

“It was more overwhelming than ever”Guus Frericks, HighTechXL

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