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Ten cubic meters of plastic has already been collected for the construction of the People’s Pavilion. In total, eight to ten thousand kilos of plastic are needed to realize the entire building’s facade. This building will be the central meeting point during Dutch Design Week, and the parallel World Design Event. The plastic will be used to produce 9500 slates that will cover the sides of the building.

So far, hundreds of people have delivered plastic and companies are doing their best. For example, next week, contributions from hotels and businesses around Strijp-S will be added and the Feel Good Market has contributed by purchasing special plastic PP cups, which can be recycled immediately.

The plastics that can be handed in

Plastic can be handed in until 10 September. Volunteers are available on Wednesday and Saturday afternoons to assist with the collection and to answer questions about the project. The ‘People’s Pavilion Plastic Station’ is located at the Ketelhuisplein, opposite to the Ontdekfabriek. The types of plastic that you can hand in are HDPE and PP hard plastics. These can be identified by a triangle with a five or two in it. If in doubt, the float-test can be applied. As long as the plastic continues to float in water, it is usable.