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Innovation Origins:
Your Sneak Preview of the Future

We are Innovation Origins, an independent journalistic platform that focuses on innovation, the business of innovation and the people behind it. We tell the relevant stories from this sector, highlighting the people, products and companies that determine tomorrow’s society.
We are Your Sneak Preview of the Future!



As journalists, we try to bring you the best stories about new technology, how that technology is made, who made it and most of all: What it means for our future society.


With three events a year, we don’t want to only write about the people behind innovation, we also want to meet them. Meet us, for example, at the Startups to Watch event, where we give the 10 most promising start-ups in the region an award and a podium so that they can share their story.


We write a lot about innovation and society, and it is a shame that interesting stories are considered old the moment they have been published online. That is why we put the most interesting stories on a subject together and make a book out of it. For example Eindhoven Towards a Smart Society – How a city slowly develops into a Smart Society.


Each week, we collect the best stories about innovation especially for you!
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