About us

We are Innovation Origins, an independent journalistic platform that focuses on innovation. We are journalists who prefer to show what tomorrow’s world can look like, rather than focus on what goes wrong today. In 2015 we started as a local medium about innovation, but today we tell the story of innovation across Europe.
We are Your Sneak Preview of the Future!

What we stand for


We write what and about what we want. Even if we have an appointment with a company, we decide what will be published online. Read more about our independence.

International focus

We work with local journalists who create stories about their communities in their own language. With the English platform, we place these stories in an international context.

Looking forward

We do not remain stuck in the past. We introduce you to start-ups and companies that are working on this future. Not what happened yesterday, but what is relevant tomorrow!


We are always open to suggestions, tips, and collaborations. We would like to learn from our readers, who may have different expertise.

How you can help

Correct us!

We always base our reporting on the facts, also in editorials and columns. We realize that others sometimes know more than we do and therefore call on our visitors to correct us where necessary. A special remark for our choice of photos: we do everything we can to only use the most relevant images, but if we can do better – or if we used a picture we are not entitled to – please let us know and we will change or delete it.

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We don’t believe in paywalls, that is why all we publish is available for free. This way, the story of innovation can reach as many people as possible. To keep all our content free, we rely on partners and donations. Learn more about becoming a partner of Innovation Origins here. To donate and support stories about a better future, click here.