Start-up of the Day: inoqo app makes sustainable consumerism easy

"We are all responsible for what's happening in the marketplace. If we don't buy stuff, then it won't be produced. But the system is not transparent. It's time-consuming to find out how to buy things that are sustainable," says Markus Linder, founder of the brand new...

Trucks become solar parks on wheels thanks to IM Efficiency

According to various statistics, an average truck emits around 130 grams of carbon dioxide (CO2) per kilometer. However, this value could be substantially reduced by equipping these vehicles with solar panels. About 6,000 kilograms of CO2 and €2,500 in fuel costs...

[Explainer] This technology makes you feel better in the office

Some of you guys are gonna go back to work at the office. At work, there are many factors that make employees feel comfortable or uncomfortable, such as temperature and lighting. This smart technology in office buildings creates a healthy working atmosphere.  ...

Unus Terra, serious game against COVID-19, wins top prize at EIT Digital Data Deephack

Unus Terra, a serious game against COVID-19 that stimulates behavioral changes in the real world by leveraging persuasive design principles, is the winner of DATA against COVID-19, the online DeepHack organized by EIT Digital to develop digital solutions for epidemic...

You decide: Who’s gonna be our Start-up of the Month?

For the twelfth consecutive month Innovation Origins portrayed five Start-ups each week. That's 260 start-ups in one year! Because true innovation cannot be slowed down by the corona crisis, we once again chose four week winners and it is now your turn to choose a...

Dossier Covid-19

The Covid-19 coronavirus outbreak is officially a pandemic. But history has taught us that it is precisely at those moments that mankind comes up with creative solutions. Innovation Origins reports about this every day in the Dossier Covid-19.

Tomorrow is good: Is this the new normal?

At one of the press conferences on corona held by the Dutch Prime Minister Rutte, I heard him say we must now “decide for 100 %  with only 50 % of the information.” He has repeated that...


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