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Never waste a good crisis. Innovation Origins takes this to heart and will start – perhaps a bit against the trend – with our very own online ‘tv’ channel: IO-tv. This Wednesday, at 4 PM, we’ll launch the station. The inspiration for this initiative comes from the many organisations, educational institutions and companies that have successfully moved large parts of their activities from ‘real-live’ to online in recent weeks.

Hans Meeske (Holland Innovative) is one of them; his encouragement gave us the final push:

“This period of time offers us an opportunity to start working in a different way. I believe this can change our lives, but only if we act now. There is no reason to wait.”

The kick-off is next Wednesday, with the broadcast of Drinks, Pitches & Demos, the monthly event for the innovative ecosystem to inform each other about the latest developments and to help each other with the next steps. DP&D will start at 5 PM, preceded by our own introduction at 4.

Drinks, Pitches & Demos

We want IO-TV to become the channel for people who want to know how things can be done better, for themselves and for the world. With inspiring examples, useful tips, wise lessons from experts and understandable explanations of essential developments, we will ensure that people can develop themselves and thus their immediate environment, their business, their lives. The tone is optimistic – as you would expect from us – and shows how important people are who want to think, pioneer, develop relevant things and want to do all this together with others.


Aafke Eppinga

IO-tv uses the technology that is present on everyone’s laptop and smartphone. This way, we can keep costs under control, but at the same time increase accessibility. There is no subscription or separate access, the broadcasts can be followed via Innovation Origins, the partners of the station and media channels Youtube, Facebook, Twitter and Twitch. For the live broadcasts, we use

Elcke Vels, IO

Station Manager of IO-tv is Aafke Eppinga, known to our regular visitors for her bike tour focused on innovative startups on the European west coast and the dozens of ‘explainers‘ she made for IO. She runs the station together with Elcke Vels, who is in charge of the editorial process and is also known from our explainers. The entire Innovation Origins team supports the production of IO-tv.


Anyone who wants to build an entire station in a week’s time has to accept that a feeling of experimenting is paramount. This will be visible in the broadcasts, in the length of the programming, in the undoubtedly frequent adaptations and in the flexibility with which we will have to choose solutions to unexpected problems. Not all our plans and ideas will be feasible in week 1. Even the name – for now, it’s IO-tv – could still change.

When we will be in full swing, the programmes will mainly be shown between 12:00 and 19:00, but nothing will stop us from deviating from that, for example for a live event in the evening. So keep an eye on the ‘programme booklet’ on Innovation Origins (soon on our homepage). And of course, you can re-watch the shows later on as well. So, what to expect?


The core of IO-tv will consist of broadcasts that originate directly from what Innovation Origins already does. Think of the tech-explainers, live events, but also live interviews where viewers can join the show with their questions. But many programmes come from our partners at this station. Think of workshops, courses, lectures and interesting portraits of people from the innovative ecosystem. Fontys University of Applied Sciences participates with various initiatives (such as the expertise centres for Circular Economics and High Tech Systems and Materials, but also ICT and Economy & Communication), TU Eindhoven is there, Eindhoven Library, HighTechXL, Brainport Development, Station88, Holland Innovative, Fast Moving Targets and Innovation Space. Naturally, many more parties will follow – we are open to anyone who supports the central mission of IO-tv.

We are going to pioneer, it is the right time for it. Are we going to succeed? We’ve never done it before, so I’m sure we will… 🙂