TNO Holst Centre Battery Lab: Pouch cell testing in a climate chamber & coin-cell testing to the right.
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Today is the official opening of the Battery Lab at TNO Holst Centre in Eindhoven. Here, experts research, develop, and test new-generation battery technologies together with companies.

Why you need to know this:

TNO has worked hard over the past three years, with financial support from the Ministry of Economic Affairs and the Province of North Brabant, to realise the lab.

Electric energy storage is essential for the energy transition. Cars, buses, trucks, and ships are increasingly being electrified. However, current battery technology has its limitations. A next generation of batteries is needed with greater energy density, with more power and that can be charged faster and safely.

A battery cell is a complex electrochemical system with many possible materials and components. Any change in composition and construction affects the final performance of the battery. In the Netherlands, many companies are working on new battery technology but it starts with a material or component of the battery cell. They often do not have the facilities to integrate and apply the developments of those materials and components.

The test facility

The facilities of the new Battery Lab offer the chance to actually make and test battery cells. New materials can then be integrated and optimised in different cell designs. The aim is to develop new battery technologies with and for companies and make them ready for the next scale-up step to mass production.

Besides various advanced measuring equipment and workstations with chemically inert atmospheres (gloveboxes), the lab also has instruments for applying protective nano layers (important for longevity), increasing energy density (3D structures) and greater safety (Solid State Electrolyte).