Design agency VanBerlo wins three iF Awards in the categories of product design and packaging design. This year there were 5,295 entries from 53 countries. The VanBerlo designs managed to impress the panel of judges, consisting of 58 experts and well-known designers from all over the world.

The world famous iF awards have been awarding design achievements for more than sixty years and are seen as an important indicator for quality in design. Due to the very high level of the entries, this prestigious awards include the international summit.


RESQTEC_P4Extrication tools help rescue teams to free victims from vehicles in crash situation. Resqtec’s electric/mechanical P4 represents a new technology paradigm: industry standard cutting and spreading performance without traditional hydraulics. Its cordless operation without external generator, small size, low weight and rotating head allow P4 to work in hard to reach places. The electric drive and twist grip give operators precise control over speed and force. Attention has been paid to usability: balanced handling and quick exchange between cutter and spreader blades. P4 can be driven either by batteries or a by a backpack power source.

Air Wick life scents

IF AWARD airwick life scents contextThe Air Wick life scents aerosol is ergonomically designed, providing ease, style and a premium in-use experience. User tested at every stage, its superior ergonomic solution is clearly visible. The spray can is comfortable to use with one hand and can subtly release a little bit of scent at a time. Apart from its functional benefit, the packaging design communicates its innovation through visual design. It shows its intuitive use and achieves a stand-out-effect on the shelf. Its colored drip down handle tells a whole new story compared to competitors’ products.

Dettol Squeezy

IF AWARD davinci lineupConsumers in developing countries want liquid soap. But the pump mechanism makes it too expensive. Dettol Squeezy’s newly developed disc top dispensing innovation reduces production costs by 40%. Because the bottle stands safe on top and bottom, every last drop can be squeezed out, making it more economical than a sachet. A more hygienic and inexpensive hand-washing experience for millions of consumers. Especially in India, good hygiene habits are vital, but often unheard of. Unknown to most people there, good hygiene can save lives and prevent diseases from spreading. Dettol Squeezy: making good hygiene affordable for everyone.

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