Gaming in a way that is just as easy as watching Netflix or listening to Spotify, that’s what the Eindhoven based startup Utomik has developed over the last three years. With more than 700 games nowadays, this subscriber platform is ready for the step from ‘beta’ to official company.

Utomik was E52’s “Startup-To-Watch” in 2015

Utomik subscribers pay €5.99 per month (which will be €7.99 after the official start) and thus get unlimited access to the games. At the start of a game, a small part of the game is downloaded on the PC; the rest of the game is gradually loaded while playing.

Utomik has now concluded deals with over 70 gaming publishers, including Ubisoft, Disney, SEGA and Warner Bros. Games. There is also a “family plan“, with which the whole family can play for a few euros extra, and there’s the option of parental control.

In addition to Eindhoven, Utomik also has an office in California.

Read more about the games available via Utomik here.