Utomik, the subscription service for unlimited gaming, announced last week that it has concluded a new partnership agreement with French games distributor Plug in Digital. Two hundred more titles will be available in Utomik’s games library.

Utomik, with offices in Eindhoven and Palo Alto, was one of e52 ‘startups to watch’ of 2015. Read the full interview with CEO Doki Tops.

Plug in Digital is known amongst gamers by titles like Shelter, WRC 5 Dead In Bermuda, Evoland 2 and Mini Metro. In December Utomik also announced two other partnership agreements with games distributors Codemasters and Merge Games.

Utomik is like a Netflix for games. The company’s on-line PC gaming subscription service offers unlimited gaming for $ 9.99 per month. Utomik powered games start in one click and continue to load to a user’s PC while they play. As games are running from a PC and not being streamed from a server, users can experience 100% of the original game quality.

Utomik is transitioning from its closed beta mode into an open beta paid service during which consumers will be able to try it out for a discounted introductory monthly subscription.

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