The University Racing Team (URE) has presented its new car in a news letter. The car -the URE12- is electrically powered and has been completely developed at the TU/e, by the team and partners.

The URE-team is made up out of 50 TU/e-students and has taken a year to come up with a brand new car that will be entered in the Formula Student Competition, a competition which will host around 600 teams from all over the world.

During the competition, in which self-built cars will race on a track, point will be rewarded to cars that have clever designs and have smart safety solutions.

For the largest part, the URE12‘s chassis has been made out of carbon fibre reinforced plastics. This makes it weigh a light 15.6 kilo. The electrical engines that thrust the car can each produce up to 30 kilowatts. The engines weigh about 3.5 kilo each.

The complete car, from its tyres, engines, chassis and the suspension has been built up and designed in Eindhoven. A system that is specifically built for this year’s car, combines ABS and traction control so the driver has a better grip on the car.

This is what that system looked like in an earlier version on last year’s car:


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