It was TU/e Chairman Jan Mengelers who came up with it at the beginning of March, but now his idea is being recognised as part of Brainport’s new strategy: the famous Triple Helix concept is being reassessed. Until this point, the trinity of the government, business community and education had been the order of the day, but now there’s a fourth element involved: the citizen. And maybe a few specific additions too: customers, consumers, investors, designers, artists and corporations, everyone can get involved. This way, the connection between technology, design and social innovation should become even stronger.

Jan Mengelers (TU/e)
Jan Mengelers (TU/e)

Brainport Chairman Rob van Gijzel gave his thoughts on the expansion: “The Multi Helix will become a collaboration with new parties from within and outside of the region. It is important that our own residents our connected, that they understand what kind of world is in store for them, that they are a part of it and that they can help shape it. It’s a question of balance. We’re still in search of it because we’re taking the lead worldwide. That’s great and exciting, but it’s also fitting with the times.”

The innovative idea that Brainport now wants to implement is ambitious. Being fast and able to anticipate new developments instead of relying on concrete plans or blueprints is its core concept. “It’s those who best adapt who ultimately survive. This requires a constantly refreshed approach, a challenging strategy, in order to effectively react to the economic opportunities that cross our path at high speed. It’s all about faster exchanges and entering into smarter coalitions.”

And so Brainport hopes to become more flexible and adapt with the rapidly changing conditions. “The future success of Brainport is an economy in which more people are involved, we work competitively and earn more together.”


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