Inner-city traffic is far from optimal. There are a lot of congestion-related costs that cannot be remedied other than by building more infrastructure. But this is not welcome since issues such as air pollution, noise levels, and perceived unsafe conditions will increase further. The streets of our inner cities are too narrow to handle large flows of vehicles. Parked cars clog up the arterial roads even more. It is only by fundamentally overhauling the urban transport situation that these issues can be addressed properly. That’s according to the Dutchman and traffic expert Geurt Hupkes, who wrote about this back in 1970 in his book ‘Transport in de toekomst‘ (Transport in the future).

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Author profile picture Jan Wouters is an independent entrepeneur, at Wautomotive.nl. In the year that the car celebrates its 250th anniversary, he writes for Innovation Origins about the history of innovation.