The football robots of Eindhoven-based Tech United have once again succeeded: after penalties, the team has won the first place of the Portugal Open (European Championship) in Torres Vedras. The @Home team (a competition for home help robots) also performed well and came 2nd at the German Open 2018.

In a sweltering final game, the tension remained intact until the end. In the first half CAMBADA, the home team, made good use of the fact that the Eindhoven goalkeeper was injured and Tech United went into rest with 0 – 2. This backlog was cleared in the second half, and in the extra time it remained at 2 – 2. In the end, penalties had to bring the decision. CAMBADA missed the 4th penalty “and it was up to us to score them all five. Luckily, we practice taking penalties all year round during demonstrations and this paid off: all five of them went tightly into the (same) corner.”

The summary of the final:

Meanwhile, the team is also practicing with new players. These do not have four but eight wheels. “The biggest challenge of this platform is to precisely control the wheels so that they do not work against each other. If the progression continues in this way, there is a good chance that the new player will get a place in the team for the World Cup.”

Amigo and Sergio took part in the @Home competition of the German Open, where they finally gained second place. Via a mobile chat app AMIGO went to get a beer for one of the judges, while SERGIO showed his search and navigation skills.

Photo, videos and textual basis (c) Tech United

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