TU Munich

New strategy against dangerous anthrax pathogens

Researchers at the Technical University in Munich have developed a new method to prevent the anthrax bacillus from spreading further. The team around Professor Arne Skerra succeeded in preventing...

Synthetic fuels for emission-free combustion engines

Cars that produce no emissions and are equipped with conventional fuel engines could be part of a solution to air pollution. What sounds like an unattainable dream has been scrutinised by scientists...

Celonis is the first ‘unicorn’ from TU Munich

Celonis has taken its place among the ‘unicorns’, as the world’s most successful start-ups are known The signs that Celonis would stand out among other start-ups were there right...

New blood test could detect head injuries

Until now, craniocerebral traumas after head injuries can usually only be diagnosed with the aid of computer tomography. This could soon be a thing of the past. With a new blood test, it would be...

Going underground with the WARR Hyperloop

It’s the holiday season and especially at this time a year, there is probaby hardly any driver who does not dream of a way to get faster to where he wants to get, while he is sweating in long...


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