Losing digital weight

Good intentions are hard to keep up, notes columnist Mary Fiers. This year she wants to lose digital weight by spending less time on Facebook and Twitter and expanding her real social network.

Should we get rid of gas or not?

The energy transition is the largest renovation in the Netherlands since the Delta Works. Our excellent gas infrastructure could come in handy in this respect, contends IO columnist Eugene Franken.

The 15-minute city

What if we could reach every important city facility within 15 minutes? More and more urban planners see this as an ideal situation. Eugene Franken reflects on the pros and cons.

When high tech meets horticulture

The introduction of robots in horticulture is much more than a technical development. The whole production system goes upside down, Colinda de Beer argues.

Corona accelerates the use of digital twins

A digital twin, a real-time digital replica of a physical device or a process, can help design products, shorten innovation cycles and minimize environmental impact, Helen Kardan states in her column.