Every tweet is a tiny piece of research

Avid twitterer Eugène Franken is fast approaching 10,000 followers. He writes about the secret of a good tweet and wonders out loud if tweets also contribute to innovation.

Emo design is needed now more than ever

Design can bring joy into people's lives. And that is exactly what we need in these times of doom and gloom argues Eveline van Zeeland. Therefore: Long live emo design!

Learning from quieter climes

In addition to being wonderful to walk in or look at, snow also has a sound-absorbing effect. Let's use nature more often as a source of inspiration for our technological innovation.

Why deepfakes are a high concern crime

Sometimes hilarious, sometimes hurtful or misleading: deepfake videos are a trend to be reckoned with in the coming years, writes philosopher Katleen Gabriels.

Zebra for sale

Put your absolute truths on sale, because only those who allow doubt and do not conform are true innovators, writes Eveline van Zeeland.