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Tag: The State of Eindhoven

How do you detect loneliness in a neighbourhood? And do you really want to?

“Hello, my name is Fons. I’m just a citizen.” The Loneliness table is becoming quite a full one. Two civil servants, a managing director, a young researcher from Groningen and a reporter. And Fons, together with his wife. Probably also just a citizen, but that is just a guess. This motley crew is one of eight groups during the design session DATA deserts. An assembly organised by DATAstudio (a collaboration between Het Nieuwe Instituut and the municipality of Eindhoven) in the Design House. The purpose of this session is to visualize subjects that are difficult to measure in society....

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To count, or not to count? That is the question

“Watching is counting”, says Arne Hendriks in the auditorium of Natlab on Monday night. The curator is first speaker during ‘The Big Data/Dada Dialogues’. A seminar about big data, organised by Age of Wonderland. Hendriks looks into the full cinema hall with a penetrating gaze. “Anyone who is not counted, does not exist. But who determines what is counted by whom? And for whom is it counted?” These kind of philosophical questions are the point of focus during the seminar. Several speakers share their views on big data. No practical applications and Hosanna stories about the endless possibilities of...

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[DDW SPECIAL] Data Deserts: hidden subjects in the digital map

Albert Jan Kruiter, member of the Sounding Board of The State of Eindhoven, public entrepreneur and founder of the Instituut voor Publieke Waarden on ‘data deserts’.  Data Deserts at the DDW: Albert Jan Kruiter (co-founder of the Instituut voor Publieke Waarden) acts as moderator of the design session, and Professor Tsjalling Swierstra (Maastricht University) leads the afternoon session with the lecture ‘DATA for Dummies’. The design session is organized by the DATAstudio. In the DATAstudio, Het Nieuwe Instituut and the city of Eindhoven work together around the question of how to become a smart society instead of a smart city....

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Crowdsourcing a Smart City

The easiest way to get an answer from Bill Peduto is via Twitter. The mayor of the American city of Pittsburgh has over 45,000 followers and he still manages his own account. At least this is what Monica Woodley of British magazine The Economist told us last Thursday during a webinar on the study ‘Empowering Cities‘. A think tank from the British magazine conducted the survey, that was commissioned by Philips. Under the title “The State of Eindhoven” E52 brings a series of stories about the steps the city is taking on its way to becoming a smart society and about the connections...

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