Et voilà: French Tech steals the show at CES 2020

The Computer Entertainment Show (CES), the annual mecca for nerds and start-ups, is now behind us. French Tech has been heavily represented in Las Vegas in the past few years. Emmanuel Macron went...

Israeli start-up REE “reinvents the wheel”

At the IAA in Frankfurt, the Israeli start-up REE and its strategic partner Musashi Seimitsu, a global Japanese Tier 1 group, presented a revolutionary, new approach to electric vehicles. The design...

France is innovating as fast as a train at Station F

The world’s largest start-up campus is located at a former train station in the heart of Paris. With a thousand budding entrepreneurs on 34,000 m2 of floor space, France is putting itself on...

Start-up of the day: turning indoor CO2 into energy

Human beings spend up to 90% of our lives indoors. Having high concentration of CO2 indoors is not a very difficult thing to achieve, as the air that we inhale turns into CO2. This can affect our...

Start-up of the day: conquering the world of maps

The fully-grown start-up MapCreator is conquering the map-making world from the centre of Eindhoven. The company provides custom made, easy, fast and accessible mapping solutions for your business....

Start-up of the day: rewarding sustainable mobility

Imagine winnning prizes for riding your bicycle to work. Ciclogreen, a Spanish start-up which promotes sustainable mobility, makes this possible. Ciclogreen was established in 2014; after biology...


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