Lightyear One

Financing round for German solar car

The German company Sono Motors which makes electric cars with solar panels on the roof  saw the bottom of the greenhouse come into view last year. More money had to be put on the table, but the...

Sunpower Maxeon technology to power Lightyear One

The Maxeon solar panel technology by Sunpower will provide the solar power for Lightyear, the Helmond, Netherlands based start-up that builds a solar-powered electric car. The Lightyear One, of...

Better tomorrow: Get out of the trenches!

It was another interesting week for everyone involved in the development of mobility. Our national pride the Lightyear One was unveiled, our king opened a green hydrogen plant at Veendam and BMW has...

Tomorrow is Good: “I think my wife will like it”

Last Friday we were invited to a special location for Lightyear, in Munich. Through the organization of a rally for a group of car collectors, we were asked to give an exclusive preview of Lightyear...

Tomorrow is Good: Super Forecasters

Working at a startup means that you have to deal with a lot of uncertainties. You don’t have track records or any data from your own past to base choices on, which often makes it difficult to...

Tomorrow is Good: Perpetuum Mobile

In a weekly column, alternately written by Maarten Steinbuch, Mary Fiers, Carlo van de Weijer, Lucien Engelen, Tessie Hartjes and Auke Hoekstra, Innovation Origins tries to find out what the future...


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