A private jet for everyone

"You will have to be very sure that electric flying will not succeed to invest now in any other form of medium distance transport."

Electric flying is getting closer

There will be a further substantial increase in battery capacity, which will also reduce weight. The cost will decrease, and the lifetime will increase.

Paying for ownership

There seems to be increasing support for making car costs more variable, the much talked about road pricing. Or, more nicely put: paying according to […]

Smart Traffic Lights

In the Netherlands, there are now more than 700 smart traffic lights that recognize approaching cars, cyclists, and buses

The Self-cleaning Car

"Automation of cars requires that all sensors stay clean. Cameras, radars, infrared sensors, lidars, all have their own problems with insects, rain, frost, snow, or mud"


"People want less aviation, but are not planning to fly less. That sums it all up"

Forest vs. infrastructure

"The economic damage caused by the impact of new infrastructure to landscapes will outweigh the benefits of better accessibility"