Social robots can help children learn

Studying together with a social robot can help children learn. Researchers at the University of Twente (UT) discovered that primary school children are better able to explain what they are studying...

Building LINQ: “A great experience”

“You quickly learn how the electrician or carpenter reads your construction drawings, you learn how a contractor works and that things may go differently than planned,” student of...

The children’s lectures by Maarten Steinbuch

A dinosaur robot in his hand and his gown on, that is Maarten Steinbuch during one of his children’s lectures. The professor at TU/e and entrepreneur likes to talk about the future of driving...

150 girls doing research at Philips: Girls Day

Although the growth is undeniable, girls in secondary education generally do not yet sufficiently opt for a technical subject cluster. There has also been little increase in the number of students...

CBS: Technical education more popular among girls

It is a matter of the long haul before the tech companies in the region will really benefit from it, but according to CBS the trend has really started: girls at HAVO, VWO and MBO choose a technical...

Better mix between teaching and business

(This is a compilation of articles previously published on Bron.Fontys) By Petra Merkx Recent research carried out by the Platform Bèta Techniek (PBT) shows that 40% of workers who do not work in...


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