“You have to pedal to see the future”

“No, you have to pedal to see the future”, laughs Thijs Baselmans. The TU Eindhoven student just put a visitor on an exercise bike. In the middle of the Ketelhuisplein. The bicycle is...

Robots all around at Fontys TEC Talks

While the background sounds make all guests aware of an exciting Night of the Nerds in the connecting rooms, the Klokgebouw also gives the floor to five speakers on the themes of Technology,...

35,000 people visited Dutch Technology Week

Last week, at least 35,000 people attended one or more of the more than fifty events of the fifth Dutch Technology Week. That’s 25% more than in 2015. This year’s DTW focused on themes...

Changing primary education, Brainport Style

How can technology help you in preventing an egg to fall and break? And how do you ensure that a go-kart gets ‘smarter’? These and many other questions will be raised by primary school...


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