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Food Tech Brainport: technology against food waste

Food Tech Brainport in Helmond is a centre of expertise for food technology, product and market innovation, specializing in mild separation, mild preservation and the optimization of the value of food waste streams. Food Tech Brainport is one of the members of Samen Tegen Verspilling Taskforce – along with Wageningen University, Albert Heijn, Rabobank and other institutions. Samen Tegen Verspilling is a governmental initiative aimed at the reduction of the food waste by fifty per cent by the year 2030. As a member of the Taskforce, Food Tech Brainport specializes in the development and introduction of the processes and...

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Column: Developing Talent and Skills: ‘Quite Important’

As Program Director at Brainport Development, Yvonne van Hest is responsible for the PEOPLE domain. In the coming period, she will be writing a number of columns for Innovation Origins on regional developments and backgrounds in education and the labour market. After persistent complaints from my eldest son (14) that his mother really is working many more hours than the intended full-time working week of 40 hours, a friend of his asked me: “What exactly are you doing at your job?” “I am the Education & Labour Market Programme Manager,” I replied. “At Brainport Development, the economic development company for Brainport...

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Wennink: “Investing in Brainport is investing in the Netherlands”

An important first step has been taken with the recognition in The Hague of Brainport Eindhoven as a Mainport Region, but now it is important to follow up. Peter Wennink, CEO at ASML: “The fact that millions of ASML are needed to keep the international school and the ice rink afloat, is unprecedented. But unfortunately, it’s necessary because this region – mind you, the second economy of the country – is still not receiving enough resources from the central government.” Read more about the annual figures of ASML here   The ‘undervaluation’ of the region Eindhoven still touches a...

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Iconic high tech building “Dutch Mountains” to arise at the A2 in Veldhoven

A gigantic, completely circular high tech iconic building named ‘Dutch Mountains’, that’s what a group of initiators wants to be built in 2020, near the A2 highway. Inside: a Brainport Experience Center, a nano Museum and Gallery of Inventions, work and residence areas, a hotel, conference facilities, an internal park with pond, restaurants, cafes, a gym, sauna, nursery, a swimming pool and a supermarket. A parking for 1,500 vehicles is situated underneath the building, the roof is for recreational purposes. Initially this plan was launched in 2008 already, but recently revived. The initiators want to build the Dutch Mountains right...

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International School Eindhoven wants to help internationalise regular education

He can barely speak Dutch, despite a week “with the nuns in Vught”. But that doesn’t make the conviction of the new director of the International School Eindhoven (ISE) Roy White less big: it is necessary to internationalise the entire education. Bilingualism is an important step in that endeavour. The intention of White is part of the onderwijsvisie Brainport. The key is the internationalisation of the entire school system, including primary and vocational education. White is a cosmopolitan. In Eindhoven he has found, in his own words, his 35th home. He used to be head of the international school in...

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Brainport wants international skill set in all types of education

Within the next five years, the acquisition of an international skill set must be an integral part of primary, secondary and vocational education in the Brainport region. Meaning: education in two or more languages, focus on cultural diversity and skills of the 21st century. The goals were presented om November 30, in the educational vision “We are the Future“. The paper was established through a collaboration with educational institutes, companies, government, parents and children. With the increase of diversity and internationalisation of modern society, companies and organisations are looking abroad. This can also be seen within the Brainport region, where...

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Brainport schools are spreading to the level of elementary education

The concept of the Brainport schools, which is so far reserved for secondary education, will soon spread to elementary education. At the moment, several school boards in and around Eindhoven are discussing with each other about this. Under the name “Brainport Junior School”, participants have to pay extra attention to talent development. So far, eleven general secondary education schools in the region have been given the title “Brainport School”. “Soon there will be 14, which will reach almost all secondary schools”, says Peter Cox, Program Director Education at Brainport Development. “In that concept high schools orientate themselves explicitly on...

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The Lessons Three Ambassadors Took From Visiting Brainport

The Corps Diplomatique visited Eindhoven. Last Tuesday over fifty ambassadors from over the world made a trip passed ASML, High Tech Campus and Dutch Design Week on invitation by Brainport.  Goal: to put the spotlight on the strengths and the international position of the Brainport-region. Danish ambassador “To Denmark, the Dutch are partners rather than competition”, Danis ambassador Ole Emil Moesby says.  According to Moesby, the Dutch and Danish have some economical similarities. “Both countries have little natural resources to build an industry on. We rely largely on what’s between the ears: knowledge. In Denmark, we take a close look towards...

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How designers from Eindhoven and Taipei learn from each other

Two designers from Taiwan are presenting their work in Microlab during Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven. Szu-Han Chen and Kuang-Yi Ku are designers in residence, an exchange program between Eindhoven and Taipei. A vibrant community of designers has arisen between both cities over the last years. It’s Friday afternoon, only a few hours left before DDW 2016 will kick off. Szu-Han Chen and Kuang-Yi Ku are finishing off their installations, an electrician is making last minute arrangements for the lighting in the hall and a lady – with an eye for detail – is removing pieces of tape from...

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