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Follow-up: How shipping will become greener

If The Netherlands intends to meet the Paris climate targets, sea and inland shipping must also commit to them. As in become climate-neutral vessels. In the Port of Rotterdam, a number of companies...

Best read: Fish poop makes great plant manure

As early as the early 1990s, Adri Bout had already realized that fishing ‘would become a niche, something quite special’. Bout managed to set up a successful fish farm after plenty of...

Best read: Trial-and-error with self-driving buses

The first presentation of the Alexander Dennis Enviro200 bus back in March already attracted a great deal of interest. Several videos of this autonomous bus were circulated on the internet. It is...

Best read: How to live in a more climate-neutral way

Earth Overshoot Day fell on July the 29th this year. On that day, we had used up all the natural resources for this year that the earth is capable of providing in a single year. That means that from...

Best read: doing puzzles with the king

Did you see it? How King Willem-Alexander was as happy as a kid when he finally managed to get the coin into the right spot. With two thumbs up and a grin from ear to ear, the king almost made a...

Best read: when click stats predict the future …

Last week was one of the best in the history of Innovation Origins in terms of the number of visitors. Our articles have been read more than 25,000 times on our website. Soon we’ll be hitting...


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