How COVID-19 could change our approach to mobility

Governments are endeavouring to stem the spread of the SARS-CoV-2 virus (corona virus) by reducing person-to-person contact. The resulting ban on social activities has largely relegated the economy...

Start-up of The Day: Saving with Monkee is fun

Saving for old age, for a new car, for a holiday trip, college education for the kids, etc. – everyone has good intentions, but with the implementation there is often a problem. The inventors...

Sustainable Improvement of the Claw Health of Cows

Claw diseases of cows should not be considered in isolation, but indicate deficiencies in husbandry, feeding and hygiene. The project Klauen-Q-Wohl aims to highlight these multifactorial causes by...

Electrically stimulating the math wiz

A therapy to support individual mathematical learning skills? What may sound utopian is already very close to neuropsychologists. The corresponding regions in the brain will be electrically...

Rethinking fashion in the context of technology

The possibilities of automation, 3D printing and wearables sound spectacular, but have so far hardly found application in the fashion industry. This is due on the one hand to a lack of market...


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