Anyone who has ever seen the inside of a student house knows it only too well: the risk of mice, strange smells and ‘loaned’ belongings (from bikes to toilet paper and milk) are considerably higher. And although it’s a considerable amount of fun, there will soon be an alternative to the old-fashioned student digs in Eindhoven.

Schermafbeelding 2015-05-09 om 09.21.09The Student Hotel next to the Central Station will open its doors at the beginning of 2017. It will be a hotel for students and all others ‘young at heart’. The chain, which also has locations in Luik, Amsterdam, Rotterdam and The Hague, offers rooms on a short or longer term basis. “Four out of five rooms are booked out for a whole semester.” Often by foreign students who want to get everything sorted out quickly. Furniture, a kitchen (whether shared or not), even a bike is included.

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The spot next to Central Station is still an empty space, but over time it will be filled with an 80-metre-tall tower of 400 rooms, a fitness studio, a café, a restaurant and study areas. Students from the Design Academy Eindhoven and artists from the Dynamo youth organisation are adorning the walls of the construction site with graffiti masterpieces. The artists are taking part in a competition. The winner will receive wall space to transform with art at a new Student Hotel location. You can vote for your favourite artworks until 18 May.

More developments in the city
The Student Hotel is not the only addition to the student housing supply in the city. 600 to 700 new accommodations are in the works for the TU/e campus. Housing corporation Vestide will build a student block with 300 rooms on the TU/e campus which will be ready by Summer 2016.

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