The power of storytelling


So you have a brilliant idea, a promising concept or an innovative product, and you want the world to know about it? The reflex would be to write a press release, with a typical PR talk about how good you are and how much money you need. Ever thought why most of the time there is no effect whatsoever?

At E52 we know everything about the power of independent storytelling – in the last two years we built a database of around 5,000 examples that together build the story of innovation in the Brainport Eindhoven region. We understand the difference between PR (“Listen to me, I’m the best!“) and the real story from an independent source (“If you read this, you will better understand what our future will look like“). In short: it’s all about credibility and trust.

Credibility! Trust!

No matter how good your writing is, no matter how brilliant an editor you are, you will never be considered an independent (and therefore credible) source. With our 5,000 stories, we have proven to be this source. And yes, if you are in the business of innovation, we can be your trusted source as well. Our mission is to tell the world about the people and organizations that are changing our future; so that might be about you as well. You won’t be the first to join E52, nor will you be alone: a lot of Brainport based companies have already understood this mission and are partnering with E52.

Do you want examples? Of course, you can check E52 on a daily basis, but here are some highlights:

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Last Remarks


One warning before you’re going to call us: we don’t write or film exactly what you tell us to do. Hey, that wouldn’t make a lot of sense, would it? You are the expert in changing our world, we know how to tell this story. We don’t tell you how to do the chemistry, you don’t order us how to arrange our words. What we do promise you is that the result will please you. We know because that’s what our partners keep telling us. And the result is that you will be











…in a better way than ever before.

Our services range from an incidental story that you want to be told, to complete series or even executing your community management internally and externally. Moreover, we are able to build your credibility by pushing relevant stories about your work or your industry to your community.


Partner up with E52 and add value to your communication.

Want to know more about the why of storytelling? Read these independent sources:



A selection of partners who have used E52 to help them tell their story:

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