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February is already in full swing. But at IO we’re taking a moment to look back on January. We still owe you a Start-up of the Month! Each workday on IO you get to follow the pioneers who’ve got innovation fever and are striving to bring the unexplored world of tomorrow and science fiction to the present.

Our editors choose a weekly winner from all of these international contestants and at the end of the month the weekly winners will compete once more for the monthly trophy. And because we’re not averse to a bit of democracy, our readers get to have their say too.

The winner of the Start-up of the Month for February is … (drum roll) – XYZ Dynamics! A start-up from Helmond in The Netherlands which has came up with a way to turn your old diesel van into a flexible hybrid. This means you can enter the green environmental zones in the city after all. How convenient! After the jury had earlier spoken highly of the starters, the former TU/e students managed to win the most votes in our poll last week as well. Congratulations!

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Please check our previous monthly winners here: Innovacarbon (June), Munevo  (July), Metodo Sancal  (August), E-bot7 (September), High Performance Battery (October), Field Factors (November) and EC Sens (December). All monthly winners automatically become nominees for the first Innovation Origins Start-up of the Year competition, which will take place sometime this year.

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