How can you check if an engine is damaged? You can wait until it stops working. Then it is obviously broken. You can take an engine completely apart and examine every single part of it. But then the machine is switched off for a while. You can also listen to the engine while it is working. And this is exactly what the start-up Neuron Soundware does. This company specializes in audio diagnosis of machines. Every machine makes sound while performing its tasks. If there is a mechanical issue, the sound signature of a machine changes. For example, the engine might make extra squeaks, says Pavel Konecny, the company’s CEO and founder. However, Neuron Soundware does much more than what a car mechanic does when they say that something is banging around in the engine. The technology developed by this Prague-based start-up allows you to determine from the engine’s sound if it is working properly. Or if it is close to breaking down. Or even how long it can operate without breaking down. Neuron Soundware uses sound to detect mechanical problems in machines.

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