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“I would like us to reach the projected revenues. But that will be difficult because the foodservice industry is severely affected by the lockdown,” states Thomas Primus, founder of Food Notify, a commodity management system for the gastronomy sector. “The advantage is that large companies are now focusing on digitalization and gastronomy software. Now they have the time and are trying to position themselves more effectively. We are also in the process of improving our system and are now doing things that there was no time for before. At the moment, we’re developing an analysis tool and a catering tool; the latter is for event planning.”

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Author profile picture Hildegard Suntinger is a writer. She lives in Vienna as a freelance journalist and writes about all aspects of fashion production. She is interested in new trends in design, technology, and business. She is particularly excited about discovering interdisciplinary tendencies and the blurring of boundaries between different disciplines. The key element is technology, which changes all areas of life and work.