Driving 3000 kilometers through the Australian desert in a car solely powered by sunlight – this is what Solar Team Eindhoven is setting forth in less than three days. The team which designed Stella Vie – “the most efficient family car that has ever been built”, is participating in the World Solar Challenge 2017 in Australia whose purpose is to find the world’s most efficient electric car.

Solar Team Eindhoven is participating in the Challenge with Stella Vie – “the first solar powered family car ever to seat five people”. This futuristic solar car is exclusive for several reasons. “First, this is the first solar car that seats 5 people,”  Wout Gubbels, team manager of Solar Team Eindhoven, explained. “Second, it generates more energy than it uses, thus, the surplus energy can be supplied back to the electric grid or even to the house. For example, people can use that energy to make coffee or do the laundry. Third, it provides efficient driving assistance – it finds the most efficient route, driving speed, and parking spot which will generate the most solar energy. Also, Vie charges in the sun while parked which makes it the car for everyday life,” Gubbels added.

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